Insurance Law

We provide legal advice to our clients in all areas of insurance law. Our professional experience covers all areas connected to the operation of the insurance market. Our team is prepared to provide support to our clients, in relation to compliance issues, contract temples or bylaws drafting, participation of procedures in front of the prudential supervisory authority or in complex legal disputes in front of domestic or international forums. All kinds of operators in the insurance market are amongst our clients, ranging from domestic or foreign insurers, intermediaries, the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), professional associations and to industrial and commercial companies as clients of the insurers.

Our Activity

Formulation and review of contractual arrangements

In this regard, we have plenty of experience in all types of contracts in the insurance sector, including drafting general terms and conditions for insurance products, elaborating individual insurance contracts and negotiating insurance brokering contracts, tied-agency contracts, reinsurance contracts and outsourcing contracts. We provide legal services not just for insurance undertakings and insurance intermediaries, but we often represent credit institutions, large commercial and industrial companies during preparation and conclusion of their sales and insurance contracts with insurers. Our colleagues by having valuable knowledge about the market habits and being familiar with the needs of our clients and their business strategy, promote business negotiations with effective solutions.

Besides general contracting procedures, our team is capable to provide effective support in concluding insurance contracts in public procurement procedures to both contracting authorities and tenderers.

Foundation, licensing, supervisory issues

We participate regularly in the formation, restructuring and licensing of market participants and in solving supervisory issues arising from the operation of individual companies, either by asking for a resolution from the MNB or by consulting the MNB.

Portfolio transfer

In response to changing market conditions, market operators often transfer their portfolio or acquire the entire or partial book of contracts of their competitors. Our office can professionally, with a deepened knowledge at the insurance business, deal with complex problems arising from portfolio transfer, from contractual issues to supervisory authorization and tax issues.

In case of a portfolio transfer having foreign elements, such as portfolio transfer concerning a branch office of an insurance undertaking seated in another EU Member State, we provide a full service in cooperation with our foreign affiliates. In addition to the portfolio transfer between insurers, we also assist in portfolio transfers between insurance brokers.

Claims for damages

We have gained considerable experience in solving complex, high-value damage cases, from industrial turbines, warehouse burndowns to the directors’ and officers’ liability. Our team represents both insurers and their clients, always striving to provide an acceptable solution for both parties. Our professional knowledge and the personal recognition of the members of our team have often helped the parties to accept each other's point of view.

Dispute resolution

In cooperation with the litigation team, we represent our clients in front of domestic courts and arbitration courts. Our dispute resolution practice includes not just contractual disputes and claims for damages but also the judicial review of the decisions of the National Bank of Hungary.


Adapting to an ever-changing legal environment can be a major challenge even for the largest enterprises. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the legal provisions regulating day-to-day operations of insurers and insurance intermediaries; thus, we can help our clients adjust to the newly issued regulations. We have already provided effective support to the market operators in several supervisory authority audit procedures.

Mixed cases

We have provided support to insurers and insurance intermediaries in answering complex data processing questions. We help our clients to exploit the possibilities of cross-selling opportunities, primarily in insurance, investments, and banking products.

Recent transactions:

  • representation of a chief executive in connection with a potential claim against him by the company
  • representation of a retail supermarket chain in concluding a cooperation (sales) agreement with an insurance company
  • representation of an insurance undertaking tenderer in the procurement procedure for the specific liability insurance of a priority infrastructure firm
  • audit test of a group of insurance intermediaries to prepare for a future supervisory audit
  • representation of an insurer in high-value credit insurance lawsuits
  • development of a unit linked insurance product line and product documentation
  • preparation for the authorization of the foundation of an insurance company, and for obtaining activity license

About us

About us