She joined our firm in September 2008 as an intern. After she received her law degree at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University in 2009, she continued working as an associate at the firm, where she currently works as senior associate.

She earned her postgraduate diploma in the law of capital markets and banking law at ELTE (Budapest, Hungary) in 2012.

She provided legal assistance to establishment and licensing of financial institutions. She advises the clients of the firm – both financial institutions and investment firms – in the course of their daily operation. She has a considerable experience in the field of financial intermediation (bank agency) agreements.

In recent years, she turned to the field of employment law and became an expert of this area. She regularly advises the clients of the firm in day-to-day employment-related issues and represents the clients before the court in complex employment disputes. She earned postgraduate diploma (LL.M.) in employment law at ELTE (Budapest, Hungary).

She is fluent in English.