One step closer to the Digital Single Market: making business registers accessible across the EU 23 June 2015

Company law

The system of interconnection of business registers (BRIS) of the EU Member States will make it possible that citizens, businesses and public authorities across Europe can have access in their own language to reliable and updated information on companies registered in another Member State. In virtue of this decision the EU gets one step closer to the Single Market.

BRIS will consist of registers in all EU Member States and the European central platform, which will be accessible via the e-Justice portal, the online platform for information on judicial and administrational systems, procedures and registries.

Interconnection of business registers is based on EU directive (2012/17 / EU), in order to set up BRIS Commission has adopted technical specifications to harmonize the system of each Member State in June 2015.

BRIS is expected to become operational on 8 June 2017; hopefully it will contribute to fostering the competitiveness of European enterprises by reducing administrative burdens and increasing legal certainty and transparency of business environment.

For those who may be interested, the national business registers of the Member States are available on the webpage of e-Justice now:


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