30 year anniversary of Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori

15 September 2022

30 years is so long that it calls for celebration even in the life of a firm. Within these 30 years, our firm has grown from a cohesive group of young lawyers into a distinguished stable participant in the Hungarian financial law market. Our competition consists of international law firms working in the same sector, compared to whom we can provide a reliable presence in Hungary, as well as a long-term understanding of the local conditions and regulations.

Instead of preparing statistics about the number of colleagues who worked with us, or the clients served during these decades, it may suffice to say that several law firms in Budapest are proud to employ colleagues who have studied or worked in our firm, it is unlikely to find a market player in the Hungarian financial sector who is not or has not been our client, and there are few market professionals who, during their professional training, would not have had some of our colleagues as their lecturers or tutors.

Our law firm was established almost exactly 30 years ago. At that time, no real law firms operated in Hungary; there were merely partnerships or shared offices. We are proud that we successfully developed our operation as an independent Hungarian law firm.

When we talk about Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori, we can never forget about our founder, István Gárdos. It was his vision that the lawyers should not merely share an office but form a community where lawyers work together and support each other. István passed away in 2020, but his memory will live on.

The basis of our collaboration has always been mutual respect, professional development, and outstanding legal service in the framework of a profitable business organization. This was set in motion 30 years ago by István Gárdos together with Richard Mosonyi and Erika Tomori, who are still partners in the firm. The team centred around István was later augmented with newer colleagues, some of whom, like András Nagy and Dániel Szabó, have been partners in the firm for a long time. The partner responsible for the insurance field, Zsolt Kovács became a partner in the firm after spending considerable time as a chief legal counsel in an insurance firm. We take pride in the fact that one of István’s sons, Péter Gárdos, also chose us and became a partner in the firm. Furthermore, this year our office has added three new partners. Veronika Bakonyi and Beatrix Berkes were promoted after working with us as senior associates for some years, while Zita Tihanyi joined after working as the chief legal counsel of Raiffeisen Bank.

The operation of the firm is guaranteed by our reliable, high quality and, last but not least, friendly colleagues. We are delighted that the majority of our colleagues have been with us for a long time and that we form an excellent team. It is a part of life that although some colleagues leave the office to find new challenges, there are always others who are attracted by the ‘added value’ provided by Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori.

Since the beginning, our objective has been not only to provide services but also to think together with our clients, mutually supporting each other's development. With this in mind, we do not merely answer legal questions, but by leveraging our know-how, we help the timely recognition and possible avoidance of legal problems.

As part of this, our colleagues have taken an active part in the development of the financial legal culture. As well as providing training in the financial law-related courses of various law schools, professional training in finances has also been provided by our colleagues for many years.

We are proud of the fact that the lawyers whose names appear in the firm’s name are still partners in the firm. However, we are even more proud that by today the name ‘Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori’ has grown into a corporate brand.

We hope that we will have the opportunity to serve our clients for the years to come.

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