Our law office is ready to provide support to new startups with high growth potential. We have considerable experience in the professional development of the legal, regulatory and financing background of micro-enterprises utilizing business models and product innovation, in the drafting of documentation for companies eligible for potential capital investment, and in establishing the organization and operation of such enterprises.

It is our experience that when launching an enterprise, particularly in the case of a company with rapid and high growth potential, it is of vital importance that (aside from the obligatory company documentation required to establish a business) the corporate structuring receives - from the very first minute - legal support which makes possible capital injections at a later date, the move to international markets or even being quoted on the stock exchange.

From the aspects of services and fees, our office supplies customized solutions for the owners and managers of startups and enterprises with great growth potential. Our services cover

  • drawing up background agreements preceding the foundation of the enterprise,
  • appropriate insurance and protection of the solutions and intellectual creations (software rights, trademarks, know-how etc.) that represent the assets of a startup,
  • drafting of documents (employment contracts, agency, enterprise contracts, agency, sales agreements etc.) formalizing internal and external contractual relations,
  • editing of documents (corporate legal referrals, minutes etc.) necessary for professional company management,
  • drafting and reviewing financing contracts.

We have practice in drafting contracts to be signed with international and domestic capital investors, finance and strategic partners in the course of the sale of start-ups, and in the preparation of contractual solutions ensuring the protection of the founding owners and management rights, as well as special share and securities constructions.

We are convinced that taking advantage of the services of a professional legal advisor is in itself an investment showing a return on the part of the founders, which is capable of giving impetus to the dynamic development and rapid growth of the enterprise.