Real Estate

Our real estate team provides legal support for the transfer, lease and various forms of operation of commercial, residential and holiday property. We prepare the documents required for the transfer, lease or operation of the real estate and we represent our clients in the necessary administrative procedures.

Among our clients we have private individuals, companies, investment funds and municipalities. Consequently, we have experiences in complex, unique transactions.

Our goal is to assist the parties to find and properly manage the relant risks and to smoothly close the planned transactions. In case of disputes, we represent our clients at state courts and in arbitration.

Recent deals:

  • preparing and negotiating contracts for the acquisition and lease of high-value real estates;
  • representing clients in litigations relating to residential and commercial houses owned by a Hungarian municipality;
  • legal support relating to securities relating to real estates;
  • drafting co-operation agreements between investors for solar, wind and geotermic energy investments;
  • representing a creditor in a liquidation procedure concerning the legal qualification of a real estate;
  • drafting, negotiating and supporting the execution of real estates acquired from public funds;
  • establishing companies for the purpose of acquiring and operating real estates;
  • legal support relating to the protection of possession
  • establishing investment funds established for property investments.