Government Contracts, Licensing and Concession Issues

Originally, we have gained extensive experience in the field of government contracts, licensing procedures and concessional issues when dealing with assignments related to the process of privatisation. Later, with the development of the regulation in the financial sector, we focused on matters of licensing in the financial and capital market sector. In this area we have assisted various service provider companies in adapting themselves to the changing regulatory environment, most recently in relation with MiFID and Basel II.

In certain cases we work for the regulatory authorities. For instance, we have participated in supervisory inspections of financial institutions and in the crisis management of the regulated institutions representing the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority. We were also involved in the consolidation of the institution of savings co-operatives in the framework of a PHARE project and an assignment of the Ministry of Finance.

We have had the opportunity to understand the operation of Hungarian authorities in the course of providing legal advice in connection with one of the major government investment projects of recent years.